APO-PBS - High Elasticity Heat Shrinkable

APO-PBS - High Elasticity Heat Shrinkable

Made by modified polyolefin, with superior sealing for protecting splices from water and corrosion. Inner adhesive bonds to PVC,PE and metals. Providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environments, which excellently insulates and protects electronic connections. It offers long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, which is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals.
Operating temperature range:
  • Operating Temp. -40℃~105℃
  • Minimum Shrink Temp. 60℃
  • Fully Recover Temp.100℃




Standard color :Red、Blue、Yellow
  • Specification
  • Technical Data
  • Characteristics
Part NumberNominal Size(mm)Nominal SizeStandard Color
ABLA.W.G. (mm2)
PBS-1 4.7 1.7 35 22-18 (0.5-1.0) Red
PBS-2 5.7 2.4 35 16-14 (1.5-2.5) Blue
PBS-5 6.7 3.6 42 12-10 (4.0-6.0) Yellow

Test ltemSpecification RequirementsTest condition
Unaged Tensile strength Min. 16MPa Room temp.
Elongation Min. 200%
Aged Tensile strength Min. 11.5MPa 150°C/7 days
Elongation Min. 100%
Voltage withstand and breakdown Voltage(Unaged) Wifhstand 2.5 KV for 1minute and breakdown Room temp.
Voltage withstand and breakdown Voltage(Aged) Withstand 2.5 KV for 1minute and breakdown at least half of unaged breakdown voltage 150°C/7 days
Copper corrosion No corrosion of bare copper 150°C/7 days
Copper stability No sign of degradation Min.Eongation 100% 150°C/7 days
Cold bend No crack -40°C/4 hrs
Heat shock No crack 200°C/4 hrs
  • Shrinkage ratio:3:1
  • Hot melt adhesive provides waterproof property
  • Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance
  • Ideally translucent provides tensile strength
  • High elasticity keeps steady performance

Crimping tool:G-APEX P/N CT2005